Late Fall reveals the struggle of new parents, each chained to failed expectations. Tension submerges the once romantic relationship due to conflicts over their growing toddler, family priorities, and life ambition. This fatigued couple experience an interference in their precarious relationship upon the introduction of a young idealistic woman, an artist who sacrifices her ideals for generational familial expectations and duties. As the relationship dynamics become unbalanced, these Bostonians make uncharacteristic decisions that change the direction of their lives.

Film Goals

  • Pass the Bechdel Wallace Test
  • Women in 50% of crew roles
  • Over 50% local cast and crew
  • Women in key creative roles
  • Develop a story based in authentic reality

Please Support if:

  • Value female centered stories
  • Value media where women speak to each other about personal topics
  • Want to support rising female film industry professionals
  • Value diversity in the film industry
  • Cherish Boston and want to highlight city landmarks
  • Value stories that capture the reality and authenticity of life
  • Want to capture the struggles in life and the potential to overcome
  • Understand that despite our differences, we all have commonalities