Abigail Jean Lucas

Character: Tina

A Boston raised nursing assistant. Tina struggles with her duties as a new mother, her expectations of Danny as a partner, and feeling like she carries the world on her shoulders. She knows what she wants in the world but has a gripping fear that it might all be slipping away. She is determined, intelligent, outspoken.

Kyle Gregory

Character: Danny

Danny might be tough on the outside but his internal life is filled with wonder, philosophy,  and Shakespeare. He quietly struggles with his tense relationship and the shame that he is struggling to connect with his duties as a father.  He works at an industrial manufacturing facility along with John and Sophia.  He is content with simple happiness and deeply cares about his family.  He is tough, reserved, and contemplative. 

Amanda Kuo

Character: Sophia

An artist at heart, Sophia battles with her parent’s expectations and the urge to follow her own path. She is drowning in the persistent feeling of duty to please her family and her core wildness.   She is educated, perceptive, witty, a loner, and adventurous. 

Daniel Rios

Character: John

Although he sees himself at a mentor to Danny, he also finds joy in teasing, telling stories, and stirring up chuckles. He also works at the industrial manufacturing facility.  Comfortable with the steady job/family life. He’s brash and loud.